Guest Artist HOCHEON

Think Tattoo is proud to present our Guest Artist from Korea Hocheon – this guy can pretty much rock out whatever you’d want from a Japanese tattoo..!

Superb artist and humble dude to boot! Well you KNOW thINKers invited to guest @thinktattoosg thINK Tattoo are all cool cats!

Check out his instagram for example of his works! – you’d Guess it right… never repeated Nor copied and all customised / freehanded work of his!


Currently still available and open for bookings from the 24th to the 25th April 2017!


Reach out and get decorated!

DM me and/ or him or email your ideas Et al and the works! Hocheon can be reached at; the studio at or… or even better, drop by the studio to book yourselves a slot! Whilst appointment slots last!


Carpe Diem/ Dermis!!

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