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 Tattoos thINKer / Guerilla Graduate / Nightmare Son

Elson Yeo is a tattoo artist inking out or thINK Tattoo at Far East Plaza, Singapore.

Elson Yeo is a Guerilla Graduate who figures it right that 20 years  of education did crystallised into a moment of clarity that led him to  the pursuit and actualisation of his dreams.  For that, he is thankful.

Elson Yeo is the proverbial Nightmare Son who embraces the perfection  of his loving family and the values it takes in the maintenance and  sustenance of it all; he loves being a mummy's boy.

Elson Yeo is into art, tattoos and tattooing, thINK Tattoo. Hanging  out in his studio, being tattooed, bodyart, body modification, modifying  and modified things in general, shoes, Onitsuka Tiger (shameless tsk  tsk), being able to enjoy his work if you would call it work at all,  being able to dress like a frenzied catastrophe waiting to happen and  having no one to complain about it all, beautiful things, female of the  species, staring into space, procrastination, music, CDs, reading,  conversation, travelling, learning new things, busking in the warmth of  new environments.

Elson Yeo wants you to know that he ink-slings by appointments.
Walk-in welcomed.  Flashfree custom work encouraged.
Have never and will never repeat a single design.
Contact for more information.  No Consultation charges.

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